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Longer - A Look At Joel Tudor Surfing - "Open your mind... and your boards will follow"

Longer - A Look At Joel Tudor Surfing - "Open your mind... and your boards will follow"

Hey, who am I to argue? Especially with a Cahiers du Cinema review by Ethan Coen laying down the following: "Longer, a new American surf movie (focusing on a certain Joel Tudor) is the vision of a masterful new eye. The poignancy of de Sica's The Bicycle Thief echoes in his scoring of the opening segment with Getz/Gilberto's 'Desafinado.' As you know, 'desafinado' translates from the Portugese to 'out of tune.' It is clear that this Joel Tudor is surfing 'out of tune' as he keeps prancing up and down his surfing board to maintain equilibrium. The use of Errol Gardner's 'Misty' further cements my thesis; it is clear that Joel is in a mournful state over the loss of a lover, as seen in the recondite but ultimately impenetrable transitions." Well, touché, D'Artagnon. I'd add my two cents by saying that you'd be hard pressed to find someone with a keener sense of surfing subtleties than j brother, particularly when it comes to his pal, Tudor. Longer captures Mr. T on discs, eggs, guns, and tanks at spots around the globe. The footage, gathered over several years, offers a unique look at joel's growth as a surfer and his choice of equipment and the wave quality have not been seen like this before. All the usual suspects will enjoy this true-to-form follow-up of a drift. -Scott Hulet Surfer's Journal


  • Not since the days of Phil and David or Gerry and Wayne, have you seen better longboarding, longer noserides or more stylish tuberiding. According to Leonard Liebowitz of NYU's New School of Film , "Jack McCoy's Green Iguana-era productions were so tight you could bounce quarters off them; Taylor Steele played to the cheap seats, resulting in Himalayan gross returns; Andrew Kidman's Litmus articulated the scruffy sophisto of the surfing hobo; Thomas Campbell's The Seedling came smoking out of the gate with the most distinctive visual thumbprint of the decade. Yet it was j brother's 1995 ultra-short longboard flick, a drift, that quietly influenced the face of surf cinema-perhaps more than any other single title of the 1990s."

Progressive Surfing Techniques with Tom Curren, Mike Stewart and Ian Cairns Level 3

Lowest used price: $50.42

An in depth analysis of surfing competition and the skills necessary for competitive success.


  • A Guide to Advanced Surfing Competition
  • Very Hot Surfing

Inspired a Different Look at Surfing

Inspired a Different Look at Surfing Lowest used price: $10.00

Inspired a Different Look at Surfing VHS


  • Brand new footage and insight from some of today pros.
  • A Lau Vizion Production
  • Copyright 2000

Surfing Video Magazine - Vol. 01 - No. 01

Surfing Video Magazine - Vol. 01 - No. 01 Lowest used price: $11.35

Volume 1 No. 1 VHS tape In slipcase

Ripping the Pit - Oz Team Surfing in Hawaii

Ripping the Pit - Oz Team Surfing in Hawaii

Captained by Ross Haeke, seven young Australians set out to ride with the world's best at Hawaii's Pipeline in the Body-boarding World Titles. For some it is a daunting first as they face up to the mammoth 15 to 20 footers. For all, it is the culmination of years of discipline and hard work. Their goal is realized. They are competing in Hawaii with international greats: Mike Stewart, Ben Severson, Keigh Sasaki, Kainoa Mcgee. Their surfing at Hawaii's North Shore and West Coast, plus Australia's Suckrock, is spectacular.

Peaches: The Core of Women's Surfing

Peaches: The Core of Women's Surfing Lowest new price: $21.99
List price: $21.99

Surfer Magazine: Island Voyages

Surfer Magazine: Island Voyages Lowest used price: $17.95

In search of the big wave, eleven surfers venture to the beaches of Baja California, the East Indies, Fiji, French Polynesia, and Todos Santos. WAVES - Local loot, infamous ports of call, and uncharted waters... Load the guns and weigh anchor, as the Surfer Armada sets sail in it's greatest exploits yet - Island Voyager. SPANISH GOLD - The adventure begins in the New World, with Pat O'Connell, Kalani Robb, and a band of hot young nomads, scouring the deserted Baja California coast for overlooked nuggets. LIGHTHOUSE REEF - Surf pirates Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox and Todd Chesser drop in on the todos Santos Islands to vie for the West Coast's crown jewels. TEN DAYS BEFORE THE MAST - Ross Williams and Benji Weatherly navigate their hundred foot South Seas Trading Ship among the wave mills of Fiji and Samoa. MUTINY ON THE BOUNDARY - Restless rebels Chris Malloy and Eric Barton jump ship in French Polynesia, to pluck a few pearls from the local reefs. MAROONED - Stranded goofyfoots Jeff Booth and Shawn Briley ride the storm out at Cloudbreak during one of the biggest swells ever to hi Tavarua Island. TREASURE ISLAND - Brock Little, Robbie Bain and Shea Lopez discover hidden treasures among primitive unexplored islands in the East Indies. SEARCH AND DESTROY - Finally, Tom Curren, Damien Hardman and a desperate crew of searchers circle the globe, guns ablazing, in their insatiable lust for fame and fortune. Approximately 45-minutes

This Is Surfing " Great Moments in Surfing History and Alot More"

This Is Surfing " Great Moments in Surfing History and Alot More"

Surf Country Surfing Video (Aloha Hawaii Series) VHS (30 Minutes)

Surf Country Surfing Video (Aloha Hawaii Series) VHS (30 Minutes) Lowest new price: $40.96
Lowest used price: $29.90

Hawaii is Internationally famous for its giant waves - and for the men and women who challenge them on surfboards, bellyboards or with no boards at all! This tape takes an inside look at the heart of the Hawaii surf scene, on Oahu's famed North Shore. Featuring an original musical score by Happiness Cafe and The Pagan Babies. Telly Award Winner! Copyright 1992.

Y2K: Surfing Without a Net

Y2K: Surfing Without a Net Lowest used price: $9.99
Brand: Lost Surfboards

As we pull out of the 1900s and take off into the third millennium, it feels like a planetary clean up set is lumping up on the horizon with enough juice to wipe us all out. Computers, satellites and the internet tying it all together. Will it actually give us more freedom or end up enslaving us into a world of electronic dependency? Let the yuppies surf the net and get caught in its web. We don't care about those fools, come Y2K we're just paddlin' out anyway.

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