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VHS Video


The Art of Tandem Surfing: Steve & Barrie Boehne

The Art of Tandem Surfing: Steve & Barrie Boehne

Disc vg in factory DVD case as seen. We ship worldwide from San Francisco bay area.

Surf Cats: Women Surfing

Surf Cats: Women Surfing Lowest new price: $195.52
Lowest used price: $24.99

Play on the surf everyday with 'Surf Cats'! You'll laugh and sometimes cry in the lows and highs. Get to know Shannon while she shapes a surfboard. Go to where the climate is right and do the Hot Sand Dance. Let Casey the cat girl tell you where it's at- like a cat! And in the end, learn the secret to happiness in - Let's Go Tandem Surfing!


  • Indonesia
  • California
  • Mexico
  • Hawaii

Surfing Techniques with Tim Curran: Intermediate

Surfing Techniques with Tim Curran: Intermediate Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $10.73

Tim Curran, Josh Curran and Dan Malloy help you improve your surfing, This 'how to' video is intended for surfers who are comfortable riding waves. Learn tricks and turning manoeuvres off the lip, cutbacks, floaters, tube riding, airs, 360s and the alley-oop. Includes tips on equipment, waves and a tour of Hawaii's North Shore.

The Green Room: New Thicker Barrels (Surfing Video)

The Green Room: New Thicker Barrels (Surfing Video) Lowest new price: $21.99
List price: $21.99

MEXICO: When summer is flat, Puerto Escondido is on fire. See Asher Nolan, Matt Rockhold, Jason Bennett, Jeremy Heit, Homer Henard, and locals get some filthy ones. COSTA RICA: The Perfect travel spot sees many traveling faces. The Green Room found Archy, Strider, Kyle Garson, Todd Morcom, Ben Bourgeois, and Todd Holland getting their share of uncrowded surf. FLORIDA: See Bryan Hewitson, David Speir, Shea Lopez, Danny Melhado, Phillip Waters, Paul Reinecke surf perfect barrels at Florida's hottest spot, Sebastian Inlet. AIR SHOW: See the highest airs and all the new trickology of expression sessions at its best. Witness Flea, Ratboy, Barney, Gavin, Beschen, Justin Mattison, Adam Virs, Chris Ward, and Bruce Irons pull it off

Changes: Christian surfing video

Changes: Christian surfing video Lowest new price: $7.95
List price: $7.95

Each of the surfers featured in the film has a unique story as to how they came to believe in Jesus. CHANGES combines exciting surfing footage with dramatic interviews in a documentary style production

King of the Air: Maui, Hawaii Kite Surfing Event

King of the Air: Maui, Hawaii Kite Surfing Event Lowest new price: $11.73
Lowest used price: $9.49
List price: $11.73

The '99 Red Bull "King of the Air" kitesurf contest. See top kiteboarders in awesome Maui conditions. Behind the scenes with the pros discussing equipment and techniques. This 3-day event is packed into a thirty minute video that takes you from the beach, onto the water, and into the air. The wakeboarders are turning their heads at this sport, 40 - 60 foot jumps, enough hang time for triple and quad rotations, free gas and no boat. Kite surfing - Flysurfing

KITER PILOT: A Kiteboarding Instructional (Surfing Video)

KITER PILOT: A Kiteboarding Instructional (Surfing Video) Lowest used price: $9.88

This is the best all-around kiteboarding instructional from Ken Winner yet. His first tape, /"Kiteboarding - How to Rip/", is all about the very basics to get you out on the water safely. His second, /"Kiteboarding - How to Rip Harder!/", continues on into 4 line kites, jumping and wakeboards etc. Consider this an effective combination of the two. For those who prefer a faster pace of instruction this is probably the one to get. If you want slower and extremely thorough instruction then get the two mentioned above. Either way you/'ll be learning the right way. /"Kiter Pilot/" takes you from learning to simply fly a kite safely, to back and front spins and wakeboards all in one tape. And it/'s not aimed just at windsurfers who want to learn kiting. Whether you come from a wakeboard background, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, skateboarding, or extreme miniature golfing you/'ll benefit from this video.

SVM Surfer Video Magazine #3

SVM Surfer Video Magazine #3 Lowest new price: $6.99
List price: $6.99

Best Actor: Footage of Rob Machado as a yearling shows that every stylist was once a spaz. Supporting Cast: Fred Patacchia; Bruce Irons, Koby Abberton and Makua Rothman Score: Greyboy, One-Minute Silence, Mint Royal, The Line, Fetch, Underworld, Pivit Hollywood Connection: It's not Entertainment Tonight; it's Entertainment Quarterly, and Peter Townend is our Mary Hart. Thumbs up: The footage in most surf videos is at least one-year old when it hits the shelves, but SVM is almost as fresh as the magazine itself. No. 3 documents The Box feeding frenzy in April, the recent Costa Rica Airshow and Machado's impending fatherhood.

Waves Surf Vid - Live & Plugged In! SURFING DOCUMENTARY

Waves Surf Vid - Live & Plugged In! SURFING DOCUMENTARY Lowest used price: $13.28

We know you love the magazine, but you're going to freak when you see this! The sickest surfers going mental all over the planet - epic footage from some of the all-time features which have appeared in Waves and a whole lot more action. Cut to an awesome soundtrack and jam-packed with the world's best, it'll have you ripping like your heroes in no time. ~Jesse Faen, Editor Waves Magazine


  • videotape

Tronolone Productions Presents: AWAKE [ Kite Surfing ]

Tronolone Productions Presents: AWAKE [ Kite Surfing ] Lowest new price: $19.95

From the producers of High and Loaded, Awake is the most radical new release of it's time. All the best riders tearing it up. Lots of water footage including Jet Ski footage and a great soundtrack. Just a few of the riders featured are: Mauricio Abreu, Flash Austin, Jim Bones, Shanon Best, Max Bo, Keala Bryant, Pete Cabrinha, Mark Doyle, Dave Edwards, Bertrand Fluery, Paul Franco, Chris Gilbert, Dylan Grafmyre, Jeremy Hall, Nina Heiberg, Fadi Issa, Adam Koch, Elliot Leboe, Robby Naish, Stav Niarchos, Felix Pevic, Niccolo Porcella, Julie Prochaska, Mark Ramsier, Rush Randle, Mark Shinn, Lou Wainman, Rebecca Wolters, Jack Webb... and more.

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